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The word saart uses 5 total characters with white space

The word saart uses 5 total characters with white out space

The word "saart" uses 4 unique characters: A R S T

Number of all permutations npr for saart 24

Number of all combination ncr for saart 24

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See also: sårt


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From sa- +‎ art (to plow).


  • IPA(key): [saâɾt]
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saart tr. or intr., 1st conj., pres. saaru, saar, saar, past saaru

  1. (perfective; syn. uzart) to till (especially a larger area, or a whole area) by plowing
    vēl nesen saarām tīrumus, vēl nesen kā apsējāmnot long ago we plowed the fields, after that we sowed them
    Uldiņš zemi saara, sienu sapļāvaUldiņš plowed the land (and) mowed the hay
  2. to till for a long time, or an entire period of time
    saara līdz pusdienai ne ēdis, ne dzērishe plowed on till noon without eating or drinking



  • uzart

Derived terms[edit]

  • saarums