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The word oxalyl uses 6 total characters with white space

The word oxalyl uses 6 total characters with white out space

The word "oxalyl" uses 5 unique characters: A L O X Y

Number of all permutations npr for oxalyl 120

Number of all combination ncr for oxalyl 120

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The oxalyl cation, also known as oxalic, has the chemical formula [C2O2]2+. It is the cation derived from oxalic acid.

Chemical compounds containing the oxalyl cation include:

  • Oxalyl chloride, C2O2Cl2
  • Oxalyl fluoride, C2O2F2

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oxalic +‎ -yl


oxalyl (uncountable)

  1. (organic chemistry, especially in combination) Either the univalent or the divalent radicals derived from oxalic acid by removal of one or two hydrogen atoms