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1 : A little nucleus.

2 : A small rounded body contained in the nucleus of a cell or a protozoan.

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1 : Nucleolus


A little nucleus.

2 : Nucleolus


A small rounded body contained in the nucleus of a cell or a protozoan.

This word nucleolus uses (9) total characters with white space

This word nucleolus uses (9) total characters with white out space

This word nucleolus uses 7 unique characters: C E L N O S U

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Nucleolus contained within the cell nucleus

The nucleolus (/njuːˈklələs/ or /ˌnjuːkliˈləs/, plural nucleoli /njuːˈkləˌl/ or /ˌnjuːkliˈl/) is the largest structure in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells.[1] It is best known as the site of ribosome biogenesis. Nucleoli also participate in the formation of signal recognition particles and play a role in the cell's response to stress.[2] Nucleoli are made of proteins, DNA and RNA and form around specific chromosomal regions called nucleolar organizing regions. Malfunction of nucleoli can be the cause of several human conditions called "nucleolopathies"[3] and the nucleolus is being investigated as a target for cancer chemotherapy.[4][5]

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nucleolus (plural nucleoli)

Nucleus of a cell with a nucleolus
  1. (cytology) A conspicuous, rounded body within the nucleus of a cell.